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For more information about high availability and disaster recovery features in Skype for Business Server, see Plan for high availability and disaster recovery in Skype for Business Server. The type of topology shown in this diagram can accommodate organizations with any number of users.

Just one Standard Edition server would be enough for performance here, but the organization has deployed two and paired them together to provide high availability in case one server goes down.

The Offline method, which requires downtime. It serves as an internal next hop server to which an Edge Server routes inbound SIP traffic destined for internal servers. Persistent Chat is Deployed. If this organization wanted to increase security against denial of service attacks, it could also deploy a pool of Directors.

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As part of your plan to upgrade to Skype for Business Serveruse this topic to understand the recommended upgrade paths to Skype for Business Serverhow the In-Place Upgrade works, what the supported coexistence scenarios are, and what the upgrade process looks like.

If that disk is later removed then you can run into issues such as services not starting. Note In-Place upgrade does not support high availability or disaster recovery for Skype for Business Server.

This is an optional topology, and you could choose to deploy a single Back End Server instead. You should not expect the performance loads for Lync Server and Skype for Business Server to be identical.

Directors could be added. Tri-existence is not supported but co-existence is supported. Using Standard Edition server at a branch site. Disaster Recovery could be added. To learn how to do this, see Setting up Kerberos authentication.

This organization has deployed the servers necessary to enable Persistent Chat. In-place upgrade provides a one-click solution that backs up certificates, uninstalls server components, upgrades local databases, and installs the Skype for Business Server roles.

Branch site deployment options. Kerberos authentication considerations If you use Kerberos authentication for Web Services, you must reassign Kerberos accounts and reset the password after the In-Place Upgrade is complete.

Edge Server high availability In this example organization with 20, users, just one Edge Server would be sufficient for performance. Branch Site 1 does not have a resilient WAN link to the central site, so they have Survivable Branch Appliances deployed to provide telephone service in case the WAN link to the central site goes down.

In this case, you lose the benefit of the In-Place Upgrade and have a co-existence topology between Lync Server and Skype for Business Server Reference topology for small organizations Pair of Standard Edition Servers Deployed This organization has 4, users at their central site.

For example, if one pool is running and the second is and there is a disaster then you could experience data loss because pool failover is not supported in disaster mode when paired pools are not the same version.

If they wanted to add disaster recovery ability, they could consider establishing another datacenter and adding another Front End pool there, and pairing it with the Front End pool in their current datacenter. And because Standard Edition servers are installed there, Skype for Business Server by definition considers it a central site, and it is treated as such in Topology Builder and the Planning Tool.

The branch site does not have a reliable wide area network WAN link to the central site, so a Survivable Branch Appliance is deployed there.

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Set up a new Skype for Business Server environment. With this deployed, if the WAN link goes down, users at the branch site can still make and receive calls both calls within the organization and PSTN callshave voice mail functionality, and communicate with two-party instant messaging IM.

Then, if there was a disaster affecting their primary pool, the administrators could fail over users to the backup pool. In-place upgrade seeks to preserve existing hardware and server investments, reducing the overall cost to deploy Skype for Business Server In-place upgrade methods There are two scenarios for In-Place Upgrade: Reference topology for small organizations Pair of Standard Edition Servers Deployed This organization has 4, users at their central site.

If one goes down, an administrator can fail over those users to be served by the other server, with a minimum of disruption to users.

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Use the Post Office Branch Finder tool to find our where your nearest branch is and what services are available at your local branch. Recommended upgrade paths to Skype for Business Server To upgrade from Lync ServerLync Serveror Office Communications Server R2 to Skype for Business Serveruse the following upgrade paths.

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